Homage to catalonia

Erthygl dda ar blog y guardian heddiw am y belilais am fwy o ryddid i Catalonia, ac yn cymharu'r pwerau sydd ganddyn nhw i'r hyn mae'r DU wedi ei gynnig i'r Alban a Chymru. Gan ddweud bod hin hen bryd i'r DU ddysgu rhybweth gan Sbaen a Catalonia.

Even today London politics derides the experience of Scottish and Welsh devolution, assuming that the natives regret its extravagant budgets and costly architecture and would rather return to metropolitan direct rule. The fiasco of Northern Ireland, with its peace walls, political gangs, religious primitivism and colonial rule, is put down to the impossibility of the Irish. As with all European devolutions, the initial result can be expensive and bureaucratic. Yet they are popular. In both Edinburgh and Cardiff each constitutional review has seen a demand for more not less autonomy. Rarely do democrats want less democracy. Nor have the Scots been profligate with their local income tax, despite the Treasury's attempt to stop them from having one.
Neither Scotland nor Wales enjoys remotely the degree of autonomy exercised by provincial governments elsewhere in Europe. The Scottish parliament has roughly the powers possessed by a pre-Thatcher county council, and the Welsh assembly even less.

The British constitution, at least in regard to England, is now creaking at the seams. This past week has seen it close to collapse. A media-obsessed egotism has Tony Blair splurging new laws every day, Gordon Brown faking English nationalism and John Reid espousing sharia law at the bidding of the tabloid mullahs. It is centralist beyond reason, beyond fanaticism. Thank goodness for some sanity from Spain. Come back Armada, all is forgiven.

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